Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Live Life To The Fullest

Never think about the past, it brings tears.
Don't think about the future it brings fears.
Live this moment with smile good and cheers.


Saturday, 6 August 2011

i have the best best friends in the world

if you check my twitter's account, then you'll find one of my friend's tweet to me. it is from @ditduts, i marked it as a favorite. her tweet said: "@asriokina @ninaevayanti we've known each other too well ya kayaknya. #kapasitasperutninong".

before she tweeted like that, i tweeted about my experience eating 20 skewers of sate padang when i actually ordered only 15. my friend, asri okina and dita then replied that they fully understand what i did then: eat ALL those skewers. then they said that they knew already my tummy's capacity in absorbing foods. then it came, dita's tweet as i wrote in the beginning.

i feel very happy just because of that tweet. i feel very grateful that i have a best friend in the world who really understand me to the core that they know lots of my habit, including my eating habit. Alhamdulillah, that until now, they still accept me for the way i am...

thank God i have such a precious best friend from college (francais 2006), sekdilu batch 36, and few friends from my childhood time until high school. i really treasure them. je vous aime mes amies!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

for the love of Super Junior and KPop

one of my friend once said this to me: "wow, i've never seen someone so into KPop like you, Nina". well, i think he (yes it's a guy who said that to me) has to meet another friend of mine like Juwita, Keket, Mia, Mayang, etc who shares the same passion for KPop and KDrama with me.

yes i love KPop so much. i used to hate it, really hate it and keep badmouth about it. i said that those guys and girls in Korean music video (MV) looks the same, and they look that perfect because of plastic surgery, and for the guys, they look like gay. see how bad my attitude toward KPop at that time.
but then i knew Super Junior from Juwita. i started to hear their songs, search for their MVs, read any news about them, and buy their album. then i knew that i love Super Junior so much. i become an ELF (its Super Junior's fandom).

i like Super Junior not only for their looks which are really good looking in my eyes, but also for their attitude toward their fans and other artists. i love them because i adore their hard work, how they struggle to achieve this kind of success. their story really inspire me to be a better person and to believe that i can also achieve my dream.
how do i know all the story about them? from news, article, fanmade video, etc.

in short, i love Super Junior the most among all of artist in Korea.
but, i did not close my eyes and ears from any other artist, girlbands or boybands. i like some Korean boy/girlband, like SNSD, Shinee, TVXQ, F(X), CN Blue, 2PM, 2AM, KARA, etc. i like them all, i hear their songs, i have their MVs, i read news about them, etc.
beside that, to know more about KPop world, i regularly open allkpop.com or dkpopnews.net and read all the articles there. i also follow and watch many variety shows or reality shows starred by any of those artist from that girl/boyband.

too bad, many of my friends still don't understand my love for KPop. many of still underestimated it and badmouth about it. in fact, i don't care.
i love Super Junior for their good attitude, and one their attitude that i adore is that they don't care with the antis (person who hates them), and return bad remarks with polite smile and still prove to the world that they deserve to be loved and they deserve the success.
that's why, i don't care with the people who keep badmouth about them and i'll still defend them.
my friend sometimes told me that i am delusional for always defend them, but i just don't care.

for the love of KPop and Super Junior, i spend my money just to buy their album, like what i do right now. since Super Junior will release their next album in August, i already saved my money and i plan to buy like more than 1 piece. i plan to buy 2 or 3 piece of their next album. why? because i want them to win the year end award. why i want it to happen? because i want them to win something before two of the member of Super Junior went to army. crazy enough? :p

people will say i'm crazy for loving Super Junior so much like this, but i don't care.
i'm happy being their fans and i don't care with what other people think about :)

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Adieu, Madame Edlina Hafmini Eddin

It still feels like yesterday..
That you taught us french language, french gastronomic, French-Indonesia translation, French contemporary culture, and many more..
That you invite me and Aprey to helped you selling some french food at Lycee International Francais, Cipete, and after the food sold out, you treated us to your restaurant near the school. and it was very delicious..
That you asked me and fellow French students of 2006 to sold some french and francophone meal at campus. we cooked together and prepare for the bazaar at La Semaine de la Francophonie 2008.. it was a very fun moment we shared together..
That when i worked in the French Department's office, sometimes you brought a meal (home made meal, made by you) for lunch, and you sell it to another teacher and luckily, i got it for free :)

So many memories we shared together..
I don't know whether you remember all that or not, but surely i will always remember all that..

Few months ago, we met at Pusdiklat Kemlu.. you finished teaching interpreter class and i finished my English class.. you looked so happy and healthy.. i never know that it was the last time that i could see you, your smile, talk to you and kiss your cheeks, Madame...

Monday morning, i received the news. it shocked me a lot, that i couldn't even believe it for a while. i lost my breath, i couldn't move for a bit and i couldn't think about anything for a moment.. the news was too terrible that i felt like a thunder stroke me really bad . i couldn't even cry because i just couldn't believe the news I've heard.

You left us so suddenly. without bad news before, without any bad health symptoms.. you left us..

So long, good bye Madame Edlina Hafmini Eddin
my very dedicated teacher, super woman, one of the best chef i know, one of the best translator and interpreter Indonesia ever has..
You'll be missed, Madame..
In fact, we already miss you a lot..

Thank you so much for everything. for all the lesson you taught us. for shared your knowledge to us. for being a very humble, warm, full of spirit, independent person. for being one of the best teacher me and fellow 2006 ever has.
We will never forget you, your smile, your spirit, your lesson, and everything..

So long, and good bye Madame..

Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation.
For they are us, our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life
-Albert Einstein-

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Time Flies

It's already mid-June. Time flies real fast, yah..
Gak berasa banget, tau-tau sekarang udah pertengahan Juni dan bentar lagi mau masuk semester kedua tahun 2011. Gile dah.

Kalo diinget lagi, di saat yang sama tahun lalu gue masih berstatus mahasiswa semester 8 di jurusan Sastra Prancis UI yang sedang rempong-rempongnya ngurusin skripsi. lagi ribet bolak-balik kampus-kantor-rumah buat nykripsi. waktu di rumah habis untuk skripsi, saat di kantor lagi gabut kalo ngga nunggu buffer drama korea atau glee atau gossip girl, pasti diabisin buat skripsi juga. edit sana-sini, nerjemahin dialog-dialog drama yang bahasanya ribet setengah mati (secara itu drama abad 17, jadi bahasanya agak beda), analisis ini-itu.
hihiii, kalo diinget saat itu tuh bikin senyum sendiri. ternyata bikin skripsi itu menyenangkan sekaligus ribet sekaligus cape tapi yang pasti sangat berkesan. sampe saat ini di laptop gue masih ada satu folder skripsi dan kalo dibuka bikin senyum sendiri. tiap buka folder skripsi itu dan buka file pdf skripsi yang udah jadi, pasti langsung bikin seneng dan akan selalu ada perasaan "waahh, gile gue bisa juga yaa bikin skripsi kaya gini" :D Alhamdulillah keputusan buat bikin skripsi adalah salah satu keputusan terbaik yang gue ambil selama gue kuliah..

sekarang di tahun 2011 ini, gue udah bukan lagi mahasiswa. statusnya udah ganti jadi CPNS. untuk satu hal ini gue selalu bersyukur bener-bener. Alhamdulillah banget dari sejak lulus kuliah, wisuda dan segala macam proses itu selesai gue nggak pernah nganggur. dari Februari 2010 udah magang di Dikti sambil nyelesein skripsi dan selesai kuliah begitu ada pembukaan CPNS Kemlu gue langsung daftar. ya Alhamdulillah lagi jalannya mulus bener, diterima di Kemlu. waaah, endless gratitude towards all the gifts God gave me.

sekarang ini, gue pun lagi membuat tugas akhir buat sekdilu, namanya taskap. tapi karena satu dan lain hal (baca: niatnya belum kekumpul) jadi ya belom bikin-bikin :P cepet atau lambat bakal segera dibikin sih taskapnya, karena bulan juli bakalan agak ribet sementara agustus awal udah mulai dikumpulin.
hihii kalo dipikir agak sama sih ya kejadian tahun lalu sama sekarang, bedanya cm tahun lalu gue mahasiswa yang kpingin cepet lulus kuliah, kalo skarang gue CPNS yang kpingin cepet nyelesein diklatnya :D
smoga hasilnya bisa baik juga seperti tahun lalu, atau malah lebih baik lagi.
amiiiin :D

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Papua Trip

so as i promise on the earlier post, i'll share a little story on our trip to Papua this week.
we arrived at Jayapura after took a flight for almost 8 hours. we stopped at Bali and Timika first before actually arrived at Jayapura.
my first impression on Jayapura was like: this city is soooo damn beautiful. i mean it. the scenery is great. it's like, when you see the right side of the bus, you'll see hills, but when you see the left side the bus, you'll see the ocean or lake. and for those scenery, all i can say is DAEBAK! WONDERFUL!

IMO, Jayapura is quite clean and not too crowded as a city. there's no mall at all and there's only few traditional markets and no modern boutiques. typically small city, but it was fine. i. myself not expecting of visiting a modern city, because you know, Indonesian stereotype about Papua. it's bad i know.

the people is very humble too. the stereotype of Papuanese is maybe they are quite hot-tempered, but no. they are very humble. i saw many peoples, children or adult waved to us as our bus passed by them. what a lovely indonesian brotherhood we have, eh?

we were not only visited Papua for fun, but also learned many things. we have a schedule, like dialogues with the governors and students from Papua, dialogues with Majelis Rakyat Papua, and -this is the most interesting part for me- visit Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border. the last part, visited the border was AWESOME. along the way to the border, our eyes were pampered by the beautiful scenery of Papua's nature. and when we arrived at the border, we were welcomed by the very friendly officer there. and the most important part is that we can visit Papua New Guinea too!! well, not the main city, only few meters away from the borders, but still it's awesome. plus, it was my went abroad. :D

after all, the Papua trip was awesome! the scenery, the people, the experiences... really unforgettable.

i leave you with few photos from the trip :D

this is when we stopped at the Timika Airport

finally arrived at Papua

view from Danau Sentani

At the border of INA-PNG

morning view from the 11th level of the hotel where we stayed

Friday, 3 June 2011

short hiatus

udah lumayan lama yah sejak terakhir kali gue nulis sesuatu di blog ini. bukan maksud hati ingin menelantarkan blog ini lagi, tapi kemarin-kemarin beneran gak ada waktu untuk nulis sesuatu.. err, waktu ada sih, tapi keinginannya yang gak ada.. ditambah ada hal lain yang lebih menyita waktu dan pikiran..

hal yang cukup menyita pikiran salah satunya adalah kenyataan bahwa minggu lalu gue ujian semester 1 di sekdlilu. ujiannya berlangsung selama lima hari, untuk 10 mata pelajaran. awalnya dan niatnya gue mau santai aja dan gak mau terlalu belajar. eh ya ga bisa loh. liat semua orang pada belajar mau gak mau gue ikutan belajar. apalagi gue kan emang banyak gak ngertinya, jadi emang musti banget belajar..
soal ujiannya lumayanlah.. mostly isinya studi kasus gitu dan jawabannya pun analisis.. ada yang bisa gue kerjain, ada yang ngga. bismillah aja deh, semoga hasilnya bagus-bagus, amiin..

selesai ujian, hari minggunya gue dan temen-temen sekdilu langsung cabs ke Papua. yes baby, yes. Papua it is. baru aja sampai Jakarta tadi malam. Papua was awesome!! i'll share a story about it later yaa..

lumayan melelahkankan sih yaa, abis ujian langsung ke Papua. but it was fun, anyway..

sekarang pengen banyakin istirahat sebelum senin mulai kuliah lagi -__-